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Olivia French '14 focuses on helping emerging businesses find
an effective online presence.

Finding the right internship is an exciting journey. Most students find their internships through online databases or create their own through networking.

Here is CCI’s Top Ten list for finding or creating your own internship!

  1. Apply to internships on MOJO, which is actually a powerful three-in-one database: Midd-friendly, LACN, and NIC.
  2. Check our Middlebury's Signature Internship Programs, such as FoodWorks or Shepherd Poverty Internships, for even more options.
  3. Browse the Summer Internship Lists and Winter Term LIsts. See what students have done for previous Summer and Winter Term internships to find inspiration and consider contacting those students for more information!
  4. Network with over 7,500 alumni on MiddNet – our database of alumni who have volunteered to offer you career advice and information about their career field or industry. LinkedIn will offer you opportunities to research and connect with 23,000 more alums!
  5. Tell your friends, parents, and everyone you know and meet that you are looking. You never know when a conversation will lead to more information, a contact, or a great tip. Get the scoop on our networking page.
  6. Make an appointment to talk with a CCI adviser in your interest area.
  7. Get your resume in tip-top shape; get it reviewed by a peer career adviser at Quick Questions, Monday-Thursday from 12-1 pm and 4-5 pm in Adirondack House. First check out our sample resumes and other great tools and resources on the CCI web site.
  8. Identify an organization that you’d like to work for and contact them to see if they’d take you on. If your summer internship is unpaid, apply for CCI’s funding for unpaid internships. Important: please note that Middlebury does not grant credit or transcript notation for unpaid summer internships, so DO NOT accept an internship with an organization that requires that you receive credit or transcript notation. 
  9. Find more amazing databases on CCI’s Midd-Only Resources page such as My World Abroad, Spotlight on Careers, Glassdoor, and ArtSearch, or search your interest area in CCI’s Career Library.  Another great resource is the Careers for the Common Good blog
  10. Mine the other resources out there, such as, VAULT, USAJobs, InternMatch, and, as well as this useful directory of associations.