The Senior Program

We have designed the Senior Program to help you navigate your senior year as you conduct your job search, apply for graduate school, or apply for a postgraduate fellowship. You have many decisions and choices to make; we have many resources to help.

Senior September
We have redesigned the first month of your senior year to be a ‘jump start’ to help you start thinking about making post grad plans.  We will be inviting you to personal one on one meetings with advisers to review your plan for the year and talk about how to take advantage of all the opportunities.  We will also be hosting a comprehensive suite of workshops in a variety of industry from Arts to Media to Environment and Science/Research and more to help you dive deeper into exploring the opportunities out there in the ‘world of work’.  We’re looking forward to an exciting year ahead.

Senior Checklist
Are you ready to go job hunting?  We’ve prepared this handy checklist that you can use throughout the year to guide your progress.  It is built around 3 fundamental questions you can ask yourself:  Who am I?  Where do I want to go? And How do I get there?

Senior year is the time to set in motion your ideas for life after Middlebury.  We know there are many approaches to this challenge.  Our vision is to help you graduate with a plan and the knowledge and tools to activate it when you are ready.  It will be a full year, so get started as soon as you can—and let us help you get things underway!

Click here to view and print the checklist and use it all year long.

On-Campus Recruiting
Opportunities to interview with employers are available throughout the fall and spring terms. Update your MOJO profile so that we can send you alert notices of job listings, recruiting events, postgraduate internships, graduate school visits, and fellowship deadlines. Also check MOJO regularly for the current listing of scheduled organizations and career events.

Off-Campus Interview Days

Middlebury collaborates with other colleges to give our seniors the opportunity to interview with for-profit and not-for-profit employers in Boston, New York, and Washington, D.C. Interview days require resume submission in advance; please refer to the above link for instructions and requirements.

Employer Information Sessions
Recruiting employers come to campus to give you a chance to learn firsthand about a specific employer or industry in which you might consider a career. These are excellent informational sessions—and great networking opportunities!

Establishing Yourself As a Working Professional
In the spring you will also find special programs offered to you about how to transition to the professional world. Programs such as "Establishing Yourself As a Working Professional" or "Career Conversations" focus on a range of postgraduate issues—from fiscal literacy to successfully navigating the first year on the job.

Senior Survey
Just prior to graduation, Middlebury will ask you to complete the Senior Survey to provide us with information about your postgraduate plans. This information, in the aggregate as a graduating class, is extremely helpful to us as we continue to track trends in the different directions that our graduates take immediately after they leave Midd, whether those directions are grad school, employment, a fellowship, volunteer work, or other plans. This helps us as we develop programming and services for rising seniors next year.


More Great Resources for Seniors

The MOJO database is your gateway to job listings and fellowship, graduate school, and postgraduate internship opportunities! Keep your MOJO profile up-to-date to ensure that you receive e-mail notices about job listings, recruiting events, postgraduate internships, graduate school visits, and fellowship deadlines.

LACN Job Database
The Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN) is a consortium of 30 top liberal arts colleges that share internship and job postings from all industries, in a wide range of locations across the country and around the world. To access, log in to MOJO and select "Jump to LACN" on the home page.

Graduate School Resources
Contact us in CCI to talk with an adviser about graduate school testing, rankings, preparation courses, and application timelines.

The MiddNet Career Advisory Network is a searchable database of 7,500+ Middlebury College alumni who have volunteered their time and expertise to provide career advice and information to you. This is an excellent place to begin your networking. You can search for MiddNet alums by occupation, employer, graduate school, location, and more.

Tools and Resources
Everything you need to learn how to write a resume, research an employer, network with alumni, and interview successfully is here—and much more!