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Meet Our Staff

Peggy Burns
Executive Director, Center for Careers and Internships
Adirondack House 211
802.443.3450 | 

Career Advising
Please visit our Advisors Page for more information.

Ursula Olender
Director of Career Advising and Employer Relations
Adirondack House 201
802.443.5107 |
Tim Mosehauer
Associate Director
Adirondack House 203
802.443.5105 |

Tracy Himmel Isham 
Associate Director, Social Impact Career Advising
802.443.5102 |

Alicia Gomez
Assistant Director
Adirondack House 204
802.443.5407 |

Health Professions & STEM

Mary Lothrop
Director, Health Professions & STEM Advising
Adirondack House 112
802.443.5077 |
Hannah Benz
Associate Director
Adirondack House 111
802.443.5804 |

Internships and Early Engagement

Cheryl Whitney Lower
Associate Director
Adirondack House 206
802.443.5798 |
Karen White
Internship Coordinator
Adirondack House 205
802.443.5247 |

Employer Outreach and Professional Network Development

Ursula Olender
Director of Career Advising and Employer Relations
Adirondack House 201
802.443.5107 |
Rachel Connor
Employer Relations & Event Coordinator 
Adirondack House 101
802.443.5546 |

Jeffrey Sawyer
Director of Employer and Professional Network Development
802.443.5953 |

Dee Gilbert
Assistant Director of Employer Relations & Outreach
Adirondack House 221
802.443.5665 |

Academic Outreach and Special Projects

Amy McGlashan
Adirondack House 219
802.443.5103 |
Matt Kuchar
Associate Director for Alumni-Student Mentoring Program
Adirondack House 220
802.443.5464 |

Communications, Outreach, and Technology

Susan Sheets
Technology Coordinator and Systems Administrator
Adirondack House 212
802.443.5106 |
Nicole Veilleux
Assistant Director of Communications & Outreach
Adirondack House 108
802.443.2455 |

Our Mission
We prepare students to translate their Middlebury experience into successful pursuit of their post-graduate goals.
Our Values

To best support our mission, we identify the important values below to guide our work with our colleagues at CCI and with our many stakeholders--students, alumni, parents, community partners, employers, internship providers, staff and faculty.

Effectiveness: We pursue successful outcomes, measured in quantitative and qualitative dimensions, and engage in an ongoing process of evaluation.

Inclusivity: We are committed to providing full access to information, opportunities and resources and seek to reach out to our broad and diverse community.

Innovation: We support creative thinking about engaging the world and challenge ourselves to think boldly in designing new approaches to our work.

Learning: We foster the continuous process of personal growth and empowerment through reflection and self-awareness.

Relationships: We recognize that collaboration and understanding are essential to positive, respectful relationships and to success.

Responsiveness: We strive to be a nimble and flexible center, providing quality advising, programming and resources to effectively address the evolving needs of our stakeholders.

Center for Careers and Internships
Middlebury College
Middlebury, Vermont, 05753
Phone: (802) 443-5100