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Welcome, Parents!

At the Center for Careers and Internships, students have access to a wealth of resources, tools, opportunities, and advising to help deepen their engagement and learning during the undergraduate years and prepare them for life after Middlebury. Our goal is to empower students to apply their liberal arts education and engage the world through their professional pursuits, active citizenship, and life’s work. We support their development by helping them translate the skills they have developed as liberal arts students into skills used in the professional world they are entering and by helping them understand themselves as engaged members of communities.

How You Can Support Your Student

Encourage your student to visit our office early and often. Our advisors are readily available by appointments and drop-in hours. And we encourage you to look through our website to get a full picture of the different programs and resources we offer.

Be A Resource For Other Midd Students

The Middlebury community of parents and alumni, and the varied types of career experience and expertise embodied in that community, offers our students a deep well of advice, learning, and career opportunities. Whether you are a teacher, banker, dancer, or biologist, there is a student who is interested in your profession and would benefit from your advice and perspective.  Click here to hear what a difference your help can make to a current student's search for jobs and internships.

Here are some ways in which you can support the career aspirations of Midd students. Contact us for more information about the ideas below!

  • Participate in a Career Panel on campus.
  • Volunteer for an informal Career Conversation with a small group of students.
  • List an internship or job opening from your company/organization, or encourage the HR department in your company to list opportunities for Midd students.
  • Become a MiddNet volunteer career adviser.