MOJO Help!


Check this MOJO User Manual for complete instructions on how to access and use MOJO.
  MOJO User Manual (.pdf)



Also, here are some commonly asked questions about accessing and using MOJO:
What is the difference between "MiddFriendly Jobs", "NACELink Network", and "LACN"?

These are different categories for jobs and internships.

  • Midd-Friendly means that the employer specifically wants to hire Middlebury students. Usually, this is because of a special relationship that the employer has with Middlebury College: perhaps the recruiter is an alumnus, or parent of a Middlebury student, or Trustee of the College; or there may be special relationship that our employer and professional network development team has developed with the employer.
  • NACELink Network opportunities are available through a national recruiting network, which includes the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE), OneStop, and Symplicity. These listings are open to students across the country.
  • Liberal Arts Career Network (LACN) is a consortium of 39 highly selective liberal arts colleges, including Middlebury. The listings categorized under this category are available only to students in the 39 participating schools.

I cannot access MOJO... what should I do?

Use the "Forgot your Password" option on the log-in page (see
picture below). If this doesn't work, contact the MOJO administrator in Career Services, Becky P. Quesnel. We can resolve this very quickly!


Applied for an opportunity and made a mistake?

Did you know that you can withdraw your application if you made an error on your application materials and the deadline has not passed?  Here's how:

1.  Start on your home page on MOJO

2.  Look on the left hand side, click on the box that says 'applications submitted'

3.  This will bring you to all of your applications, scroll and find the position you are looking for

4.  Click on the button that says 'withdraw application'

5.  Re-apply on MOJO prior to the application deadline with the correct application materials.

I haven't been receiving the targeted emails from career services (through MOJO) about opportunities in the career areas that I listed on my MOJO profile. How can I fix this?

Revisit and update the following fields in your MOJO Profile:

  • “Graduation Date” and “Year in School”  If these fields are incorrect, email Becky P. Quesnel  in Career Services with the corrections.  
  • “Preferred Industry” selection(s). In sending these e-mails, we often sort both by Preferred Industry areas and by Graduation Date/Year, so be sure both these fields are updated!