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Self-Assessments and Screenings

Online self-assessments and screenings are not diagnostic and should not be treated as such. They are designed to provide insight regarding whether an individual is exhibiting symptoms associated with a mental health concern and whether said individual should seek help. The following are several websites that provide self-assessments, screenings, and wellness based information for mental health.

Ulifeline is an anonymous online resource center for college students that offers a variety of self-evaluators that help identify common mental health issues. They also offer information about overall Wellness.

Mental Health America is an online resource that helps connect individuals to prevention, early identification, and intervention tools. They focus on mental health as an important component of an individual's overall wellness. They offer a variety of Screening Tools to help identify emotional concerns and they provide information about Local and Online Help.

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) has resources to on many topics associated with mental health and substance use and where to find help and treatment.

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