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What is Group Therapy?

Group therapy… is an effective and powerful form of psychotherapy. Joining a group offers the opportunity to build connections, feel a sense of belonging, develop coping skills, and improve self-awareness. 

In a group therapy session, you have the chance to hear from other members of the group and share your own experiences. These types of interactions help us to feel less alone, as we begin to recognize that others may also be struggling in similar ways. We may find it validating to hear that other Middlebury College students are also working on figuring out how to navigate college life, understanding aspects of their identity, and more. 

As the sharing process begins to take shape in group therapy, trust forms and an authentic self can emerge. This may be the first time you feel safe enough to “try out” and invite aspects of your true self forward. You may find that you are truly relating to others for the first time. 

Group therapy can also be a space to discover coping skills that can be integrated into your daily life.  You may also find it helpful to share coping skills that have worked for you in the past with the rest of the group. This intersection between learning and offering up coping skills lays the framework for robust group therapy. As we begin to realize that we have powerful feedback to receive and offer, self-compassion for ourselves and kindness for other group members develops.     

While the structure of our groups differs depending on the topic, the benefits of group therapy remain strong across the types. Group therapies can be more process- or skills-based. They can run for a limited workshop series length or for the entire semester. The overarching benefit to groups, regardless of the structure, is the opportunity to spend time with others. This, in itself, is a form of self-care. 

Group modalities offered at Middlebury College include: 

Process Group Therapy

Ongoing, drop-in style groups usually focused on particular theme.  Process groups offer space to share experiences and connect with others.  The direction of each group session is determined by what group members choose to share and focus on that week.  May attend one, some, or all of the sessions. 

4-Week Workshop Series

Psycho-educational, semi-structured workshop series covering a particular topic over the course of 4-weeks.  Opportunity to share experiences with the group while learning relevant coping skills.  Commitment to these workshop series includes attending all 4-weeks of the workshop series. 

Monthly Gatherings

Gathering space offered once a month to come together and share experiences related to particular topic.  Drop-in style.

“Meet Ups”

One-time opportunities to come together and share experiences related to particular topic.  Drop-in style.

Wellness Nights

Monthly evening events to relieve stress and take some time for self-care. Each month the topic will vary. Drop-in and have fun!

If you feel awkward or uncomfortable about joining a group, you are not alone.  It is tough joining a group and trusting in the process.  You may be worried about what to say or concerned you may recognize someone.  These are common considerations that come up prior to joining a group.  However, group therapy in itself is a supportive space to work through these concerns and to keep them from limiting your experiences. 

If you are considering this therapeutic modality, Middlebury Counseling staff want to address any obstacles to get in the way of joining a group.  We would be more than happy to talk about the process of group therapy and find the right match for you.  Please contact the Middlebury Counseling Center if you’d like to talk with a counselor about groups:  802-443-5141 or

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