SilverCloud can be accessed Here.

Middlebury Counseling has partnered with SilverCloud HealthCare to offer students access to an innovative, interactive behavioral health platform.  This program is designed to offer students a secure, immediate access to Cognitive Behavioral Therapy tools, tailored to their specific needs.  The program has been proven to help improve rates of depression, anxiety, and stress. This program can be accessed anywhere and at any time.  SilverCloud can be used on a computer or smartphone and students can work independently on chosen or suggested modules to help with symptoms of stress, anxiety, depression, or body image challenges.  Students can choose to work through the modules with or without a supporter who can add encouragement for continued engagement in the platform.

Offered programs through SilverCloud:

  • Space from Anxiety
  • Space from Depression
  • Space from Stress
  • Space for Positive Body Image

SilverCloud Mission

We understand that every person is unique, with different goals and needs. Your environment can be personalized, with a range of customization features and interactive tools. Applications that you use regularly can be added to your homepage, for quick access. Your home page also offers a reflective space; for you to document your thoughts and feelings. 

Common structure

SilverCloud programs deliver evidence-based content with a focus on clinical outcomes. Program content is modular, and you are encouraged to complete a 30 – 40-minute session once per week over an 8 – 10-week period. 

Flexible learning

Program content is delivered in a nonlinear, exploratory style. This facilitates engagement with the program, improving retention and program completion.


Interactive and engaging programs are delivered via our user-friendly platform. An anonymous, safe and secure environment, which can be personalized so it feels like your own space. Accessible online, so it’s available at a time and place that suits you.


The platform has been designed with tools and tactics to empower you to manage your mental and behavioral health; as well as social and supportive elements - providing the human touch that we associate with face-to-face support. All developed with the most up to date technology.

Supporter Option

A dedicated supporter monitors your progress through your program, providing guidance and encouragement via regular reviews. You are encouraged to share content - such as activities, and goals for the week, with your supporter. This allows them to respond to you in a more personal way and provide guidance that is relevant to you. The platform also supports the secure exchange of messages between you and your supporter.

Major Benefits of SilverCloud

  • Highly effective evidence-based solutions based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) proven to meet the needs students
  • Personalization of content and interactive tools to drive engagement
  • Proven in research trials, 10+ years of clinical research and testing
  • Integrates human support that drives 100% user engagements and outcomes
  • Secure and accessible 24/7 online access, quality assured
  • Delivering accountable care with a focus on clinical outcomes

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