Barbara Walter

Administrative Associate, Counseling Center

 work(802) 443-5141
 Centeno House 3rd Floor

Barbara was born in Minnesota and earned a BA in English at the University of Missouri-Columbia. She and her dog “Scout” traveled to Vermont in 1995, and she lived and worked on a dairy farm in Addison County until 2008.

From 2010 until 2017, Barbara worked as a coordinator with the Middlebury Language Schools, first with Spanish and then with Arabic. Though she managed not to learn either language, she became somewhat better at reading Spanish, and she learned four Arabic words: for “thank you,” “God willing,” “hello,” and “Praise be to Allah (God)” (“Alhamdulillah”).

In 2017, Barbara started taking graduate courses in Public Health, and she is eager to learn how health care services are delivered both in the United States and abroad. To that end, she works occasionally as a nursing assistant at the Helen Porter Nursing Home, volunteers at the Open Door Clinic in Middlebury, and is delighted to be working with the Middlebury Counseling Center.


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