Brian Tobin

Post-Graduate Counseling Fellow


Brian is passionate about counseling emerging adults as they explore individuation, relationships, meaning making, and other areas of development at this stage of life. Brian’s psychotherapeutic lens is strongly influenced by psychodynamic, existential, and humanistic theoretical frameworks. He utilizes mindfulness, somatic, and integral theories when appropriate, and his therapeutic work is based on compassion and unconditional support of his clients. Brian honors and acknowledge that social identities influence individuals daily and inform all therapeutic work.

Brian graduated from Clarkson University with a Bachelor of Science in Business and Humanities, and he studies Clinical Mental Health Counseling at the University of Vermont. Brian has extensively studied and taught yoga and meditation: he has designed athletic performance programs for the University of Vermont and Clarkson University athletic programs, leads international yoga retreats, and is a continuing education provider for yoga teachers and practitioners.

Brian is passionate about nature and agriculture. He enjoys time in natural settings, various forms of exercise, and practicing meditation. Brian lives in Hinesburg, Vermont.


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