David Rapp

Graduate Counseling Intern


David grew up in Northern New Jersey and attended high school in New York City. After high school, he moved to Williamstown, Massachusetts, nestled in the Berkshires and attended Williams College. He graduated from Williams in 2013 with a B.A. in the Geosciences.

After graduation, David moved to Vermont, where he’d worked as a farmer during college, and found employment as a house painter and later a carpenter. Eventually, these skills mixed with more humanistic interests led David to work as a house advisor at Spring Lake Ranch, a therapeutic farm/ranch that believes in holistic and communal treatment of folks often saddled with a “dual diagnosis”. He later worked at Farm and Wilderness (summer camps) and as a Behavioral Interventionist in a middle school before deciding that he wanted to be a therapist and enrolled at UVM’s Mental Health Counseling Program for the fall of 2016.

David’s therapeutic interests are informed by his experiences and liberal arts educational background. He believes people are integrated entities, the definition of which cannot be abstracted or limited to any one quality or category. He also sees wellness as multidimensional and humans as relational in their construction. This pulls him, gravitationally, towards psychodynamic psychotherapy for understanding the individual, where refined self-understanding can help one to better navigate their environment.


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