Sarah Farrell

Graduate Counseling Intern


Sarah was born and raised in Burlington, VT, and earned her Bachelor of Arts in english and political science from Syracuse University. Sarah spent several years working for large (and small) design agencies in both New York City, and Burlington. During this time, she also earned an Associate of Arts in graphic design and multi-media from Champlain College.

Sarah began her career in professional psychology in 2015 when she entered the Clinical Psychology Program at Saint Michael’s College, and is now in her final year. Sarah has a great love of learning, and has completed trainings in personal coaching, positive psychology, and yoga. Sarah is deeply committed to understanding ways to assist individuals in times of struggle or confusion, and draws upon her multi-disciplinary background. Sarah values a humanistic approach, and aims to create a space where authentic and meaningful discussions can take place. Sarah believes in a therapeutic process that is both non-linear and non-directive, and feels that such a dynamic helps the individuals she works with to build upon their own self-trust and inner-resources. Sarah views the therapy relationship as a vehicle that can help foster creativity, insight, and compassion, and is grateful to have the opportunity to work in this capacity.

In her free-time, Sarah enjoys going to the lake with her 11 year old labrador named Lucy, reading books that are not assigned for school, and going out to dinner with friends and family.


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