COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Allergy Shots

Parton nursing staff can administer allergy shots for students if complete and explicit physician's orders and serum are provided by the attending allergist. You will need to bring your serum and physician's orders, as well as your allergy shot schedule to Parton.  

During your visit to Parton, the nurse will review the instructions and set-up a schedule for administration of injections. Injections are given at Parton when our physician or nurse practitioner is present. Students are required to wait 20 to 30 minutes following each injection to evaluate for a reaction.

Challenges sometimes arise in maintaining injection schedules due to students' personal travel plans and college breaks.  We will work with you to help maintain your schedule.  However, we reserve the option of not giving allergy injections to students who find it difficult to maintain their injection schedules.  In those cases, we evaluate the effectiveness of continuing allergy injections when three scheduled appointments in a row have been missed.

PLEASE NOTE: If you are starting allergy injections you must receive the first injection with your allergist at home.  Because of potential adverse reactions, we will not initiate allergy shots.

We do not administer allergy shots in the summer unless you are an undergraduate student during the academic year.  If you are a summer student or faculty member, please call Porter ENT in Middlebury to discuss your needs or to schedule an appointment.  Their telephone number is: 802-388-7037.