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Counseling promotes and supports students’ emotional and interpersonal well-being within a safe, confidential, and inclusive environment.  We offer a range of mental health and psychological approaches for students of our diverse Middlebury College community.

We offer short-term individual counseling, urgent needs counseling, group counseling, outreach and education, psychiatry and long term care referrals, and consultation services. Students who participate in counseling may discuss confidentially any worries, distressing feelings, or difficult situations they are currently experiencing. Our goal is to support students as they navigate through life's challenges within the context of a highly rigorous and demanding academic environment. For students in the Language School, the Language Pledge is suspended in counseling sessions.

Twelve-step and other support groups are available in the Middlebury area. For more information, contact our office.

Guidelines for Students with Mental Health Concerns

These guidelines are offered to help students who either have had a past mental health concern or who currently are dealing with mental health challenges. Because the summer programs can be particularly intense academic environments, we urge you to consider the following:

  • The State of Vermont is experiencing a mental health provider crisis. The resources for psychiatric support are limited, unlike larger states or urban areas.
  • Start planning early. Put in place the resources you may need before arriving.
  • Meet with your current psychiatrist, medical doctor, and/or mental health professional to review medications. Please bring medications with you; obtaining psychiatric medications quickly is challenging in our area.
  • Continue to work with your current psychiatrist, physician, or a mental health provider at home for continuity of care and for immediate access to support. Plan follow-up appointments during breaks or by phone. 
  • Take your medication as prescribed.  Do not self-medicate using alcohol, other drugs, or food. 
  • Develop a stress management plan, and get adequate sleep.  Increased stress and lack of sleep often are factors in the recurrence or enhancement of a mental health concern.
  • Have a plan to follow if symptoms of your condition begin to recur or intensify.  Respond quickly rather than putting off action.  This can help you feel better more quickly and minimize the possible negative impact of a relapse on academic and social activities. 
  • Contact Counseling at 802-443-5141 (or extension 5141 if you are on campus) and make an appointment with a counselor who will assist you in developing your action plan.  The counselor will provide you with short-term counseling and crisis management and help you connect with other campus and community resources.

If you need ongoing specialized treatment while at a summer program, we encourage you to call us for referrals in advance.  The closest specialized treatment might be available only in Burlington (a 50-60 minute drive); you may need to arrange transportation.

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