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Parton Health Service Prescription Medication Process

When you need medication, Parton will:

1. Send your prescription and insurance information to one of the four local pharmacies electronically.

2. Two local pharmacies deliver to the Parton Health Center. Generally, prescriptions are delivered within 24 hours.

What You Need to Do

  1. Be sure that the Health Center has your most current health insurance information.
  2. Call the pharmacy directly.
    • They will tell you if you have any financial responsibility (what your insurance does not cover) for your prescription.
    • Arrange for payment over the telephone.
    • Ask them when you can expect the delivery.
  3. Return to the Health Center to pick up your prescription during regular business hours.
    • If you do not pick up your prescription, it will be discarded, per the Health Center policy (after 30 days for non-refrigerated items and after 60 days for items requiring refrigeration).
    • Do not call Parton to see if you medication has been delivered.  Call the pharmacy.

Local pharmacy contact information and store hours is available here.