Hours of Operation

Health Services:

  Weekdays: 8:30am – 4:30pm
  Closed: 1st Wednesday of the Month: 8 - 10 am

* See Parton's schedule below for weeks with reduced hours. 


  Weekdays:  8:30am – 4:30pm, closed 12-1pm



Residential Life TrainingMon 8/26-Fri 8/30/1912pm-4pm
First Year OrientationMon 9/02/19Regular Hours Resume
Thanksgiving RecessWed 11/27-Sun 12/01/19Closed
Last exam through Holiday RecessMon 12/16-Sun 1/05/20Closed
J-Term BeginsMon 1/06/20Regular Hours Resume
Martin Luther King, Jr. DayMon 1/20/20Closed
February RecessMon 2/03-Fri 2/07/2012pm-4pm
Spring BreakMon 3/23-Fri 3/27/20Closed
June BreakMon 5/25-Thurs 6/18/20Closed
Summer Session Week 1Fri 6/19-Fri 6/26/2012pm-4pm
Summer Session Week 2-8Fri 6/29/2020Regular Hours Resume
August Break BeginsSat 8/15/20Closed

Health Services
Centeno House
1st & 2nd Floor
Phone: 802-443-5135
Fax: 802-443-2066

Centeno House
3rd Floor
Phone: 802-443-5141
Fax: 802.443.3407

Sports Medicine
Field House
Phone: 802-443-3636
Fax: 802-443-2094