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Prescription Advice-detailed information

Local Pharmacies

Rite Aid/Walgreens

263 Court Street, Middlebury

Tel: 388-9573

Fax: 388-3047


The Plaza, Route 7

Tel: 388-6349

Fax: 388-6375

Kinney Drugs

Village Court

Tel: 388-0973

Fax: 388-4105

Marble Works Pharmacy

2 Maple Street

Tel: 388-3784

Fax: 388-1720


Parton Health Service does not maintain a pharmacy to fill your prescription medications and Middlebury pharmacies are independent of Parton Health Service. You must take your prescriptions to the pharmacy or have your health care provider call or fax the prescription to the pharmacy of your choice.


You may have medications delivered to Parton Health Center by either Marble Works Pharmacy or Kinney Drugs. Before the pharmacy will deliver your medication, you must have your insurance and payment information available to them. You can do that over the phone. Please plan ahead... the pharmacy will deliver your prescription to the health center on the same day only if you contact them early in the day (before 11 a.m.)


You may also transfer a prescription from your home pharmacy to a local Middlebury pharmacy. To do this, call the pharmacy of your choice to make those arrangements.