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Sexual Assault Nurse Examiners (SANE)


SANE nurses are trained and certified to offer state of the art care should any student experience sexual violence.

Contact Parton Health Services at 802-443-5135 and request a SANE assessment.

When Parton Health Services is closed, contact the Department of Public Safety at 802-443-5911 and request a SANE assessment – you do not need to provide your full name, simply a first name and phone number for a confidential SANE team member to call you back to arrange care. 

  • SANEs are available 24 hours a day throughout the academic year whether Parton Health Service is open or not. If for some reason a Parton SANE is unavailable, students will be directed to Porter Hospital, where they have added additional nurses also trained and certified as SANEs. 
  • All SANE care is free and confidential. 
  • SANEs can provide all or any combination of the following services: 
    • medical assessment, testing and treatment,
    • referrals for counseling and advocacy support,
    • collection of forensic evidence for reporting an assault now or at a future date (the survivor decides when).
    • Forensic evidence can be collected up to 72 hours after an assault. In most instances, the forensic exam best occurs prior to the survivor eating, drinking, showering, or using the bathroom.  Sometimes this is not possible, and a forensic exam can still occur.

If you have experienced sexual violence we are here to help you!