COVID-19: Essential Information

Parton Health Summer Services

Centeno House 1st and 2nd floors
Phone: 802-443-5135
Fax: 802-443-2066

Students may call the Registered Nurse Triage Line at 802.443.3290 during open hours to discuss health concerns and/or schedule an appointment with the next available, appropriate staff member.

You may also see a nurse in our clinic on a walk-in basis. If your health need requires an appointment with our physician or one of our three nurse practitioners, our nursing staff will schedule an appointment for you during our weekday clinic hours.

Examples of Care Provided:

  • Cough, sore throat, ear pain
  • Minor injuries
  • Urinary tract infection symptoms
  • Bug bites and other minor skin infections
  • Vomiting, diarrhea
  • Urgent Men’s and Women’s Health Care
  • Travel Immunizations if travel is for Middlebury College credit.*
  • Allergy shot injections.*

* For Middlebury College undergraduate academic year students only. 

 We Cannot Provide The Following Services:  

  • Allergy shots (for environmental allergies we can facilitate a referral to a local medical office).
  • Routine/annual gynecological exams, including contraception.
  • Physical exams for travel or routine health care maintenance.
  • Laboratory testing to monitor your chronic health care needs (we can facilitate testing through the local hospital when the request is accompanied by a detailed order from your primary care provider).
  • Medication refills prescribed by a primary care provider.
  • Surveillance for chronic health conditions.

 Pre-arrival Recommendations and Information:

  • Visit your primary care provider at home to update medications, care plans, etc. before coming to Middlebury.
  • Bring enough routine medications with you to campus to last for your entire stay.
  • You will be required to complete a brief health history form at your first visit to Parton Health Service. Health records/history may be required by local physicians. 
  • We will refer you off campus if you require the services of a specialist or you have a medical emergency.
  • To help us better care for your chronic health care needs, you may send documentation of these medical records, along with our summer health form (located below) ahead of your arrival at Middlebury.  Please mail the form and your pertinent medical records pertaining to your chronic health condition to:  Parton Health Service, Middlebury College, 14 Old Chapel Road, Middlebury, VT 05753. 

Summer Health Form 

Health Service Visits: You will be asked to complete the Summer Health Form at your first visit to the Health Center. Please come prepared with the following information for your primary health care provider, a list of any and all medications you take on a regular basis, health insurance information, immunization history and emergency contact information.

Care When Health Service is Closed: For medical emergencies call 911. For health care that cannot wait until the following morning, Porter Express Care (near Porter Hospital) is available for faculty, staff, and students without an appointment.  Information and hours can be found below. You may be evaluated at Porter Hospital Emergency Department (802.388.4701). Porter Hospital is located on South Street in Middlebury, about one mile from campus. Bring your health insurance card with you for any visits to Porter Hospital.

Information about Porter Express Care.

Medical Transportation:

Release from Porter Hospital: The college residence halls and Parton Health Service are not equipped to provide recuperative care after release from Porter Hospital. In these cases, students may be asked to make their own arrangements. In some cases, and with permission of the program vice president or director, students will be permitted to attend classes or participate in co-curricular activities while being lodged off campus or while being cared for by a friend or relative.