COVID-19 Updates: Fall Semester

Travel Immunizations and Exams

Health Services provides travel immunizations to students going abroad. Immunization requirements vary depending on the student's itinerary, past medical history and previous immunizations. Prepare well in advance to receive your travel vaccines prior to your departure.

Prior to your travel visit you'll need to be prepared by following these simple steps:

1.  Call Parton Health Service Nurse Triage line at 443-3290 to arrange pick up of your travel packet which includes a "Travax" report specific to your travel destination(s).

2.  Complete the Travel Questionnaire.  You must bring this completed questionnaire with you to your appointment.

3.  Schedule your appointment with the doctor or nurse practitioner.

HIV testing and physical exams may also be required for some travel destinations and are available at the Health Services. Additional information about travel immunizations can be obtained by contacting the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) either by phone (1-404-332-4565) or the Internet The CDC will provide you with the most current immunization recommendations, as well as disease prevention information.