Yellow Fever Vaccine Shortage 2017-18

Sanofi Pasteur, the makers of Yellow Fever Vaccine (YF-VAX) announced an anticipated shortage of vaccine through the middle of 2018.  This will impact travelers planning to go where yellow fever vaccine is recommended (typically certain parts of Africa and South America).  Some countries require travelers coming from a country where yellow fever is present to provide proof of yellow fever vaccination for entry.  Therefore, for some travelers, yellow fever vaccination may be essential.

In response to the shortage, Sanofi Pasteur is working with the FDA to offer a European yellow fever vaccine called Stamaril under the Investigational New Drug Program.  Parton officials have been in contact with Sanofi Pasteur and learned that Stamaril will only be offered at large academic medical centers who can meet the FDA requirements for the Investigational New Drug Program.  Therefore, once current YF-VAX supplies run out, students will need to contact travel clinics offering Stamaril.   We are hoping that this vaccine will be offered at UVM Medical Center.  Travelers can get a list of travel clinics offering yellow fever vaccine at  Travelers are encouraged to contact the clinic to confirm availability of the vaccine.  Yellow fever booster doses are recommended every 10 years for people who remain at risk.

Information from Sanofi Pasteur regarding the anticipated vaccine shortage can be found here.

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