Welcome to Middlebury College Parton Center for Health and Wellness!

New and Incoming First Time Students:  Follow the 5 Steps Below

►Due July 1st for Fall admission, November 1st for February admission◄

STEP ONE: Print FIRST YEAR DOCUMENTS (3 pages) from this link:http://www.middlebury.edu/system/files/media/First%20Year%20Documents%20%202017_0.pdf

STEP TWO: All first time students at Middlebury need to log into the Student Health Portal using this link:


  • Select “Click Here to Register” and enter your Middlebury Student ID number, Birthdate, and security information. Once you have registered in the portal, you will receive an email at your Middlebury.edu email address, with a link to complete the registration process.  This link is valid for 20 minutes only. From the link, you will create a password and then be able to access the portal.

STEP THREE: Once you access the Student Health Portal, click the following tabs:

  • MY FORMS tab

Read all instructions and complete/submit all forms which are listed. When submitted, they will disappear from the list.

  • Immunization Form 2017: Required of all students. Ask your doctor for your Immunization Record.  Enter the dates of your shots.
  • Health History Form 2017: Required for all students.  PRINT a copy before you submit and bring this copy to your Healthcare Provider to review when you have your physical.
  • TB Screening 2017: Required of all students.
  • Other Forms: Follow all instructions.


Immunization Record

  • Have your doctor review Immunizations Required by Vermont Law (page 2 of the 3 page FIRST YEAR DOCUMENTS you printed).
  • If you do not have access to certain required vaccines and arrive on campus without having received them, you must come to Parton Health when you arrive on campus to create a plan for achieving compliance. If you are not in compliance or do not have a vaccine series "in progress", you will be restricted from registering in November 2017 for Spring 2018 classes.

    You need to come to Parton Health to meet with a nurse to determine what vaccines are needed. A plan will be developed to achieve compliance. You are responsible for any co-pays or deductibles or for payment if your insurance does not cover immunizations. 
  • Upload an image of your Immunization Record so we can cross-reference with the dates you entered into the Immunization Form 2017 from Step 1 above.
  • Select “Document Type”→”Immunization Record”→”Save”
  • Yes, we need the dates TWICE: entered/submitted by you on the Immunization Form, AND as an upload. We compare them side by side. If we do not have BOTH your Immunization Form and your Immunization Record Upload, you will not be able to register for classes.         

    Healthcare Provider Form
  • Schedule an appointment with your doctor for a physical. A Physical exam IS REQUIRED WITHIN 6 MONTHS of starting the sport for intercollegiate NCAA athletes, including Club Rugby and Crew. Strongly recommended for all other students.
  • Have MD/NP/DO complete, sign and date the Healthcare Provider Form (part of the 3-Page             FIRST YEAR DOCUMENTS)
  • Upload the Healthcare Provider Form
  • Select “Document Type”→”Healthcare Provider Form”→”Save”

Physician/Provider TB Form: 

New Student Consent

  • Page 3 of First Year Documents. Read, sign, and upload this 1-page form.

                        Select “Document Upload”→”New Student Consent”→”Save”

Insurance Card(s)  (Both sides)

                        Select “Document Upload”→”Insurance Card (primary, secondary, or dental)→”Save”

STEP FOUR:  Religious/Medical exemptions? Print Vermont College Immunizations Exemptions Form


            Select “Document Upload”→”Immunizations Exemption”→”Save”

  • Please be advised that unvaccinated students may be asked to miss class or leave campus in the event of an outbreak.

STEP FIVE: Save all originals in case there is an error with the uploaded documents.

Troubleshooting Tips for Health Portal


Try This…

Online Form remains visible after clicking “ Submit

Scroll back up through the form and look for any red “X” marks, indicating a required field, missing information or improperly formatted information.

Document will not upload

Is the document too large?  There is a 10 MG limit.  Is the format correct?  As a last resort, you can fax the documents to 802-443-2066.

I entered my Immunization dates on the online form.  Do I need to upload my immunization record from my doctor as well?  The dates are the same.

YES!  We need both versions of your Immunization Record to verify the dates. 

Unable to register for Health Portal.

You will need your Middlebury Student ID number.  Are you looking in your new middlebury.edu account?  The Health Portal will be using this email address exclusively. 

I submitted a form by mistake, or need to retrieve it for corrections. 

Call Parton Portal Hotline at 802-443-5112 and we can re-publish it to your My Forms list.

I have a document to upload that is multiple pages long.  Do I upload each page individually?

NO.  Scan them into one document (less than 10 MB), and upload into the appropriate category from the Document Type drop down menu, from the Document Upload Tab. 

I have a document to upload and it’s larger than 10 MB

Copy part of it into another document, and then upload as two documents.  Number the pages clearly. 


Health Services
Centeno House
1st & 2nd Floor
Phone: 802.443.5135
Fax: 802.443.2066

Centeno House
3rd Floor
Phone: 802.443.5141
Fax: 802.443.3407

Sports Medicine
Field House
Phone: 802.443.3636
Fax:  802.443.2094