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Cannabis is not a part of everyone’s life; however, the recent spotlight in media and state-level legislation has increased awareness and curiosity surrounding it. The Health and Wellness Education Office offers students opportunities to learn more about the possible impacts of cannabis use and how various delivery methods influence personal wellness. Meet with your preferered health and wellness educator at go/askHWE.

Ever heard of a tolerance break?

For current users, a tolerance break (or T-Break) is a great way to reballence lifestyle. Our friends at UVM have developed a handy guide to support you through yours. Check it out.

Okay, great. But what are the rules?

Use or possession of cannabis on the Middlebury College campus violates the College's drug policy. Though this contrasts the recent legislation at the state level in Vermont, Middlebury is guided by federal law, in short, to maintain support from federal funding for various programs and student financial aid. Outside of Middlebury College property, using or possessing cannabis under the age of 21 violates Vermont state law. Students traveling to or near Canada are encouraged to consider that border enforcement personnel work under the guidance of federal law.