Talk with a CCI Adviser

Whether you are considering majors, looking for a summer internship, evaluating career possibilities, applying to graduate school, or in the hunt for a job, the advisers at the Center for Careers & Internships are ready to help.  A career adviser will guide you in this reflection and help you clarify your goals and identify concrete steps in the direction of your interests. You may also take online self-assessments and attend a feedback session to get your results and learn how they can help you focus your pursuits.

Advisers also provide great advice to students on the process of finding an internship, navigating CCI resources, developing interview skills, and resume writing and review. We are available during drop-in hours from 2-5, Monday-Friday, no appointment necessary.  For Winter Term credit questions, e-mail Mary Lothrop. For questions regarding summer internship funding, e-mail Peggy Burns.

Please see our Health Professions main page for more information and our appointment schedule.

Peggy Burns

Director of CCI and Director of Internships

Office: Adirondack House 211
Email: mburns@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.3450

Tracy Himmel-Isham

Assistant Director, Career Services

Office: Adirondack House 104
Email: thimmeli@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5102
Career Directions: Environment, Non-Profit / Careers in the Common Good, Intl Development, Social Entrepreneurship

Don Kjelleren

Director, Career Services

Office: Adirondack House 101
Email: dkjeller@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5107
Career Directions: General Business; Finance; Consulting

Mary Lothrop

Assistant Director; Careers and Internships

Office: Adirondack House 202
Email: mlothrop@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5077
Career Directions: Athletics; Healthcare; Science; Technology

Cheryl Whitney Lower

Careers and Internships Adviser

Office: Adirondack House 204
Email: clower@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5798

Tim Mosehauer

Associate Director, Career Services

Office: Adirondack House 105
Email: tmosehau@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5105
Career Directions: Law; Federal Service; Government

Susan Walker

Associate Director, Career Services

Office: Adirondack House 201
Email: swalker@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.5407
Career Directions: The Arts, Foreign Languages

Arlinda Ardister Wickland

Director, Health Professions

Office: Adirondack House 111
Email: wickland@middlebury.edu
Phone: 802.443.2455
Career Directions: Health Professions including pre-Medicine; Science Careers; pre-Engineering