Resources for Faculty

Self-Assessment Resources for Students

We help students relate career decisions to their interests, skills, values, and personality by offering them the opportunity to take the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI®) and the Strong Interest Inventory online. Follow-up self-assessment workshops help students use this information to inform their decision making about a major, study abroad, campus activities, internships, and career choices. If you would like to refer a student or set up a self-assessment workshop for your class, please contact Susan Walker or call 443-5407.

Online Workshops, Tools, and Resources

Students can access online skill-building workshops and resources by visiting the section of our website titled Tools and Resources. There is an extensive Career Library with links to over a dozen industry fields, online workshops on networking, interviewing, and resume and cover letter writing, advice on salary and job offers, and many more resources that your students will find useful.