Intern Agreement

Funding for Unpaid Summer Internship

Middlebury College, Career Services, Center for Careers and Internships


In order to receive the internship stipend for which you have been approved, this agreement must be completed and submitted to Career Services by the submission deadline.


As an intern, I agree to carry out the responsibilities listed by my sponsor to the best of my abilities and to pursue completion of the learning objectives I have proposed. In addition, I re-affirm my understanding of and agreement to the conditions for receiving internship funding through Middlebury College:

1) Participating in this internship for at least 300 hours between the end of the spring semester and the beginning of the fall semester for a minimum of 6 weeks or the program's full duration. (Some exceptions to the hours requirement are can be made for short-term programs or workshops).

2) Completing and submitting electronically by September 15 the following:

  • an internship evaluation
  • a supervisor evaluation
  • reflections during the course of the internship
  • a letter to the donor(s) according to guidelines that will be provided

These documents, in part or their entirety, will be made available to students, the selection committee, the award providers, college faculty, and staff. They must be free of any errors.

3) Promoting participation in internships and internship funding to other students (e.g., panel discussion, newsletter articles, etc.) throughout the academic year.

Furthermore, I understand that if I fulfill these requirements I will receive the award amount as follows:

1) Half on or about July 1

2) The remaining half upon completion of the internship and submission of all completed materials as detailed above by September 15.

In the case of students receiving the Tormondsen fund award, $2100 is in the form of an additional grant to your financial aid package for the 2011-12 academic year to offset the summer earnings expectation. Thus please understand you will only be getting a check this summer for $1000.

Special programs only: including New Millenium and CLIMB,

If you are the recipient of these funds, your employer pays you directly. The above statements do not affect you.

Photo and Video Release

I understand and permit Career Services to use as part, or all, of the photos and videos taken of me, or photos and videos in which I appear, for the Career Services Web site or other appropriate Middlebury venues for career education purposes for students and alumni.


Please list the location where you would like the first half of your stipend mailed to during the summer. This will take place approximately July 1. The second, and remaining half, of your stipend will be mailed to you at your campus mailbox in the fall after all requirements are filled.