CCI Report Request


Please provide a detailed description of your requirements for this report. For example:

"Please supply a list of all degree-holding alumni from the UG College, the LS, and BL, in the Greater New York area, who are currently employed full-time, in the communications industry".

"Please provide a line chart depicting first-year student Drop-in traffic for the month of October in 2011 and 2012. Please include the original numbers/data in the final report".

"Please provide a list of e-mail addresses of MiddNet volunteers. Exclude Language School and Bread Loaf".

Select constituents the report should include or reflect. This field is primarily for Hyperion reports.

e.g. "Do not solicit", "no (s) rating", "no parents", "exclude undergrads if LS", etc.

Format and Design

If you are requesting a chart to correspond with the data, please select the type of chart you would like.

Please enter further details about the format of the charts you require. For example,

"In the line chart, please show the Senior class as an Orange line, and the Junior class as a Green line"

"Please Make the line in the chart smooth/curved, instead of pointed at the datapoints".

"Please do not make the pie chart 3D"

Please enter the desired title for your chart(s). Include any details on the formatting of the text; e.g. "Please use Bembo/MiddBlue for the title"