Summer 2014 Hours

Students who are currently in the process of applying to professional school are given priority for summer appointments. All other inquiries will be referred to Fall 2014 appointments unless there is an urgent need.

Mondays 9:30 am-12:00 pm
Thursdays 2:00-4:30 pm

Please call or contact us through the Health Professions mailbox to schedule an appointment.

Contact Us / Advising

Arlinda A. Wickland, Health Professions Advisor
ext 2455 CCI Offices, Adirondack House 111

Mary Lothrop, Assistant Director, Internships & Career Services, STEM Advisor, Health Professions Committee Co-Chair 2014-2015
ext 5077 CCI Offices, Adirondack House 202

Nicole Veilleux, Administrative Coordinator
ext 2455 CCI Offices, Adirondack House 102

Professor Roger Sandwick, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry, Health Professions Committee Co-Chair
ext 3496 McCardell Bicentennial Hall 451

Health Professions Committee 2014-2015

The members of the Health Professions Committee (HPC) are appointed by the Dean of the Faculty and work closely with the staff of the Health Professions Office.

Hannah Benz, MD, University of Vermont School of Medicine
Jeff Byers, Philip B. Stewart & Sarah F. Cowles Stewart Prof. of Chemistry
Florence Feiereisen, Assistant Professor of German
Erick Gong, Assistant Professor of Economics
Chong-suk Han, Assistant Professor of Sociology/Anthropology
John Huddleston, Fletcher Professor of Studio Art
Mary Lothrop, Assistant Director, Internships & Career Services, STEM Advisor, co-chair
Tom Root , Professor of Biology
Roger Sandwick, Associate Professor of Chemistry & Biochemistry


Exploring Health Professions


We hope that the information on this site will help Middlebury students and alumni/ae prepare for a successful application to a program in a health profession or allied health field.

If you are interested in becoming a medical practitioner in allopathic medicine (MD or DO), dentistry, veterinary medicine, or in allied health fields, here are steps to get you started:
  • Meet with the health professions advisor in CCI:  see the schedule and phone number at right.  Design a curricular program tailored to your individual interests.
  • Attend information meetings: Gain an overview of prerequisites for admission to health-profession schools; learn how to become a competitive candidate; discover the ins and outs of the application process. Check this web page throughout the semester for updates on the schedule for these meetings.

Pre-Health Opportunities While You Are at Middlebury

During your undergraduate career, you will want to gain clinical experience and you may want to: work in your chosen field during the summer, work in a lab, work internationally, explore global health policy, or have an opportunity to learn about options in the health professions. The Health Professions office at CCI has information to help you begin your search. Please contact us (ext.2455) to request a copy of the documents that interest you:

>  International study opportunities
>  International health-care opportunities
>  Summer Options for premeds
>  J-term international opportunities
>  Veterinarians near Middlebury


Profiles | Beyond the Classroom

Ashton Lehmann '09 (on left) doing a pelvic-exam tutorial at the University of Texas Medical School at Houston, during her T. Ragan Ryan Summer Fellowship. Ashton now attends Harvard Medical School.