Health Professions Handbook

Below are links to the PDF version of the Health Professions handbook, produced by the Health Professions office at CCI.

Part I is for students interested in learning more about the health professions in general (usually first-years or sophomores);

Part II is for those who wish to apply to a health-professions school and matriculate in fall 2011 or thereafter by going through the Health Professions Committee in this year's cycle (usually juniors, seniors, or alumni).

Health Professions Handbook, Part I 2014-2015 version of the Handbook Part I is currently being edited
Health Professions Handbook, Part II 2014-2015 version of the Handbook Part II is currently being edited

Profiles | Beyond the Classroom

Through her internship with a veterinarian in Jamkhed village in India,
Lisa Gretebeck ’10  gained valuable experience working with large animals.
Lisa is currently pursuing a DVM/MPH at Colorado State University
College of Veterinary Medicine.