It's never too early to start!

One of the best ways to gain valuable experience, connect to or explore beyond the classroom, and fine-tune your career aspirations is to participate in one or two internships during your time at Middlebury. The work and study that you engage in as an intern can affirm your skills and talents. There are many resources here to help you find the right opportunity that fits with your goals, interests, and passions.

Interested in funding for an unpaid internship? Be sure to check back in early February 2015 for an update on upcoming deadlines and the application process.

Profiles | Beyond the Classroom

Camille Kenny '14 pursues her dream of a career in music.

can take many forms as an experiential opportunity for volunteer service, career exploration, academic connections, exploring deep personal interests and passions, or pursuing a self-directed project. Internships can range from 3-12 weeks; can occur during winter term or the summer; and can be local, national, or international.  You can search MOJO for a list of many great internships for Middlebury students—or you can develop your own internship. Either way, we can help.

According to a national survey, more than 60 percent of the students in the Class of 2012 who took part in an internship had a job offer in hand when they graduated.

Middlebury defines an internship as an experience that:

  • Provides "real-world" experience beyond the classroom.
  • Involves reciprocity, i.e., a mutually beneficial experience for both the student  and the internship provider.
  • Includes a high level of supervision, training, and mentoring.
  • Is at least 100 hours and three weeks in length.
  • Typically takes place in winter term and/or summer.
  • May be credit bearing, except for summer internships.
  • May be a self-directed project.
  • Can be local, domestic, or international.

The links on the left of this page will bring you to detailed information for finding an internship, applying for credit, and searching the various funding options in CCI and across campus.