Internship Credit

Middlebury College offers credit for unpaid Winter Term internships (you must complete an application to request credit), but does not grant academic credit for internships that take place during the summer.


WINTER TERM:  Process for Requesting Academic Credit

To apply for credit for a winter term internship, you must apply by a fall deadline. Find the detailed instructions for this application process here.

SUMMER:  Process for Requesting Transcript Notation

Middlebury does not grant credit for summer internships but does offer Transcript Notation on a very limited basis for students whose employers require it. CCI recommends that you find an internship that is paid or with an organization that does not require that you earn credit. However, if you decide to pursue the internship, in many cases, when employers require that students receive academic credit for a summer internship with their organization, the Transcript Notation is an alternative that might satisfy their requirement.

Transcript Notation provides recognition of the internship as a significant experience on the student’s official transcript.  The notation will read as follows: “Summer 20XX: Internship recognized for [employer] in [city, state]." To apply for and receive Transcript Notation, you must complete the following steps:

  • Make an appointment with Cheryl Whitney Lower or send her an e-mail.You may also contact Karen White.

  • If you are given authorization to proceed you will complete a Transcript Notation Request Form (deadline June 1).

  • CCI will then send an email to your Internship Sponsor asking them to complete an online form verifying your placement as an intern at their organization and verifying that they will complete an evaluation after the internship.

  • You must ensure that your internship sponsor completes the online Verification of Internship Placement form prior to your internship.

  • You must also ensure that your internship supervisor completes an online performance evaluation for you within two weeks after completion of the internship.

It is your responsibility to complete the Transcript Notation Request Form and make sure that your supervisor completes the additional two online forms. If these three forms are not received by CCI, you will not receive Transcript Notation.