What will your summer story be?

A summer internship is a great chance to explore your interests and get experience outside the classroom. You can try out something new, follow a personal passion, connect to your academic work, volunteer with a not-for-profit organization, or confirm your interest in a particular career path. You might even discover what you don’t want to do, and that’s okay, too.

Whether you’re inside an office in a city crunching numbers, teaching children about sustainable agriculture on a farm out West, or working in micro-finance in Africa, we’re here in CCI to help you develop these opportunities and make the most of them.


Figuring out what type of internship is right for you can involve several steps: self-evaluation, preparing an effective resume, corresponding with organizations that interest you, taking action, and following up.  Check out these helpful hints to get you started in your exploration!


Finding an internship can be a challenge.  CCI has compiled databases, blogs and other online resources to help you find the right opportunity for you.

You should also check our Middlebury's Signature Internship Programs for even more options.


Your summer experiences provide you with an opportunity to explore your interests, develop insight into various career fields, and gain experience to build your skill set.  CCI recognizes that your experience will be a valuable one – and that some personal costs may be incurred. These costs may include travel to and from your destination, housing, and living expenses.

We know it can be challenging to have the resources to access various internships/programs.  To help with this process Middlebury established a process for students to apply for summer internship funding. 

PLEASE NOTE:  Check back in early February 2015 for updates on upcoming deadlines for internship funding applications.

Application materials will be available on our Fund page.

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