Transcript Notation

Please Note: Transcript Notation is only available for internships taking place over the summer.

Middlebury does not grant academic credit for unpaid internships that take place during the summer. However, you can receive a Transcript Notation, which indicates on your official transcript that you have completed the internship. In many cases, when employers require that students receive academic credit for an internship with their organization, the Transcript Notation is an alternative that might satisfy their requirement.

Be sure to verify this with the employer prior to the start of the internship. Complete the Transcript Notation Request form and submit it to CCI before the start of your proposed internship; we recommend that you do this as soon as you have been offered the internship. When CCI receives this completed form, we will send a letter to your internship sponsor/supervisor, explaining the Transcript Notation. If you or your employer have any questions about Transcript Notation or this process, please contact a career adviser.

After completing the internship, you must also ensure that your internship supervisor submits their final evaluation to CCI describing your internship tasks and responsibilities and evaluating your performance. A link to this electronic evaluation will be sent to your supervisor towards the end of the summer and should be completed within 2 weeks of completing your internship.

Here's how the process works:

1. Complete and submit the Transcript Notation Request Form.

2. This will prompt CCI to write a letter (sent by e-mail as a PDF) to your supervisor that explains what Transcript Notation is. You will also be sent a copy of this letter.

3. You should ensure, as the letter will state, that the internship supervisor submits a letter to CCI before you start your experience, describing your tasks/responsibilities, and also an electronic form after your internship, evaluating your performance.

Other Key Information:

  • Transcript Notation does not fulfill any graduation requirements.
  • Some organizations, particularly in the media/communication and finance sectors, do not accept Middlebury's Transcript Notation as meeting their requirement regarding academic credit for their unpaid summer internships. If you find this to be your case, please come in to CCI to talk with a career adviser.
  • If your unpaid-summer-internship employer requires credit (either during the application process, or after you submit your materials), we suggest that you come in to CCI to speak with a career adviser if you have questions about the differences between credit and a transcript notation.