Winter Term Credit

Internship Credit Deadline: Sunday, October 26, 2014  at 12:00 midnight

The Center for Careers & Internships needs all your materials submitted by 12:00 midnight on Sunday, October 26. Meeting the deadline will allow you to register for your internship during Winter Term registration. Otherwise you will need to go through the Add/Drop process.

In order for a winter term internship application for credit to be approved, your faculty adviser and academic sponsor must sign the Faculty Advisor/Academic Sponsor Approval Form signifying that they deem the internship worthy of credit. You and your advisor/sponsor will agree on the learning objectives of the experience, as well as final work that will include reflections using scholarly sources that connect your career goals and/or academic background with the learning goals. After receiving your application materials, the Center for Careers & Internships, on behalf of the members of the Curriculum Committee, will then review the applications and approve them if they fulfill all requirements and they are convinced that your internship will provide you with an experiential opportunity for exploring career options, connecting to academic work, and/or pursuing a deep personal interest.

Please note that students may count toward graduation no more than a total of five courses with non-standard grading, which includes credit-bearing internships. If you already have 5 non-standard  credits, such as AP credits, you may still do a credit-bearing internship but any previous non-standard credits over the maximum of 5 would not be counted toward your graduation requirements.  You can still have all non-standard grading listed on your transcript. Still unsure what this means for you? Click here for more information. 

If you secure an internship after that date and would still like to apply for academic credit, you may still do so through December 8, 2014 but here is what you'll need to do:

  • You must register for a Winter Term course during the regular Winter Term registration process. This will ensure that you have a course and housing if you are not able to secure your internship.  Once your internship is approved, you can use the Add/Drop process to register for your internship and drop the Winter Term class.
  • In addition to completing the internship application and submitting all forms, you must also email Cheryl Whitney Lower in CCI to let her know your plans.   

If you secure an internship after December 8 you cannot pursue the opportunity for credit. 

Eligibility Requirements
  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good academic standing may apply for credit.
  • You may not repeat the same winter term internship for credit.
  • A second internship must be substantially different from the first. Generally, the Curriculum Committee will not look favorably on an application that involves work in the same organization as an earlier internship or work that involves repeated application of the same skills and experiences used in an internship previously completed.
  • A maximum of two for-credit internships may be taken during any student's four-year college career.

After completing the internship, final credit is awarded when you:

  • Receive a positive evaluation from the intern supervisor, which addresses your performance and attendance.
  • Submit a final project or work that has been assigned by, and agreed to, by your academic sponsor. This final work must include reflections linking the scholarly sources selected in your application to learning from your internship. On the basis of your final work, the academic sponsor will submit a recommendation of "credit" or "no credit." 

Some employers require credit—but not all winter term internships need to be done for credit. If you have checked carefully with the Registrar and your academic adviser and don’t need credit, you can—and should—still explore internship options.