Winter Term Credit

Internship Credit Deadline: November 4

To register for internship credit and meet the Registrar's Winter Term registration deadline of November 15, the Center for Careers and Internships needs all your materials submitted by 5:00 pm on Monday, November 4.

If you secure an internship after that date and would still like to apply for academic credit, you may still do so through December 9. Please e-mail Mary Lothrop in CCI in addition to completing your application.  Once the application is approved, you would then be able to use the Add/Drop process to drop the course and register for the internship (INT600). 

If you secure an internship after December 9 you cannot pursue the opportunity for credit.  If you do not need the credit for graduation and plan to pursue the internship, you must contact the Registrar's office if you plan to withdraw for Winter Term to ensure that you meet all the appropriate requirements. 

If you decide to pursue credit for your Winter Term internship there are a number of steps to complete. Remember, if you do not need the credit and do not need to reside on campus for your internship you may opt out of Winter Term and still complete your internship.

The final winter term internship credit deadline (December 9th) has now passed.

Eligibility Requirements

  • Sophomores, juniors, and seniors in good academic standing may apply for credit.
  • You may not repeat the same winter term internship for credit.
  • A second internship must be substantially different from the first. Generally, the Curriculum Committee will not look favorably on an application that involves work in the same organization as an earlier internship or work that involves repeated application of the same skills and experiences used in an internship previously completed.
  • A maximum of two for-credit internships may be taken during any student's four-year college career.

After completing the internship, final credit is awarded when you:

  • Receive a positive evaluation from the intern supervisor, which addresses your performance and attendance.
  • Submit either a daily journal or a substantial piece of writing to—and assigned by—the academic sponsor. On the basis of your written work, the academic sponsor will submit a recommendation of "credit" or "no credit."

Some employers require credit—but not all winter term internships need to be done for credit. If you have checked carefully with the Registrar and your academic adviser and don’t need credit, you can—and should—still explore internship options.