Pursue Your Goals

You’ve explored, you’ve connected, and now you've identified goals. Are you seeking a winter-term internship? A way to connect to the community? Or a job that will begin your career after graduation? Whether your goal is small or large, CCI offers the tools and resources that help you make it a reality.

Profiles | Beyond the Classroom

Addison DiSesa '12 interned as assistant to Commissioner of New York City
Parks and Recreation Adrian Benepe '78, P'09, '13 —aligning his
environmental ethic and interests as a political science major.

Ways to Pursue Your Goals:

  • Look for internships, community service or global service projects that can deepen your skills or experience.
  • Update your MOJO profile so that you receive alert notices about internships for Middlebury students, and job listings for seniors.
  • Attend career panels, Career Conversations and talks by Midd alumni - and meet with the presenters to get more information about your career field.  Check the CCI Calendar.
  • Use MiddNet to begin/continue your networking and make important connections and talk with Midd alumni who have volunteered to offer you career advice
  • Interested in continuing your education after Middlebury?  Build a list of graduate schools  and programs in your field of interest
  • Take your community engagement to the next level. Participate in a community engagement workshop or reflection activity.

More Actions You Can Take:

  • Reflect and focus on your skills, interests and experience, and begin to develop your plan for life after Middlebury. A CCI adviser can help you give shape to your ideas.
  • Found the perfect internship, or have the perfect idea for a global service project? Apply for funding to pursue unpaid summer experiences, whether in the local or international community; in the for-profit or non-profit sector.  
  • Meet with a career adviser to polish your resume or write a cover letter. Stop in during Drop-in hours or schedule an appointment.
  • Strengthen your networking skills: check out the 5-Minute Career Clips online; meet with a career adviser to learn how to optimize MiddNet and make connections.
  • Beginning your job search? Kick it into gear by attending on-campus Employer Information sessions, and participate in on-campus recruiting and off-campus interview days.
  • Prepare for your job interview or graduate school interview. Schedule a practice interview with a career adviser.
  • If graduate school is in your plans, prepare for the LSAT, GRE, or MCAT. Explore post-graduate scholarships. Meet with a CCI  adviser for help with this process.