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Spotlight on Careers: Consulting

Association of Management Consulting Firms
International association of firms engaged in management consulting. The association maintains an online database of member firms.


Case Interviews

Many of the top consulting firms offer case interviewing tips and practice cases on their web sites. A few are linked below, but be sure to check out others.

Ace the Case
One of the largest sources of sample management consulting case interview questions on the net.

McKinsey & Company Interactive Case
Great case question practice.

Case Questions with Marc Cosentino

Free Video Tutorials, Frameworks & Examples from a Former McKinsey Interviewer

Rice MBA Case Study Interviews
Comprehensive list of resources to prepare for a Case Study Interview.

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Industry-Specific Internship Links

Argopoint: Case Interviews Advice/Tips



Business (BUS)

Management Consulting / I-Banking / Case Interviewing

Case in Point: Complete Case Interview Preparation *
Cosentino demystifies the consulting case interview. He takes you inside a typical interview by exploring the various types of case questions and he shares with you the acclaimed Ivy Case System which will give you the confidence to answer even the most sophisticated cases.  The book includes over 40 strategy cases, a number of case starts exercises, several human capital cases, a section on marketing cases and 21 ways to cut costs.

* Note that two copies are available in the CCI library.

Careers in Management Consulting (WebFeet Guide). San Francisco: WetFeet, Inc., 2007. From the back cover: “Whether you’re attracted by the big bucks, the intellectual rigor, the glamour, the work, or a combination of the above, you’re not alone. Consulting firms are traditionally among the largest employers of top MBA and college graduates. It’s a high-paying, high-profile field that offers the opportunity to take on a lot of responsibility right out of school and quickly learn a great deal about the business world. [E]xpect competition for jobs to be as tough as ever. You’ll need to do your homework to land a job with a top consulting firm. The Insider Guide is the perfect place to start…. [Includes] The state of the industry today…; Industry rankings of the major firms…; Profiles of 22 top management consulting firms…; Typical responsibilities for analysts and associates and profiles of real people working in consulting today; What consultants really love—and really hate—about their jobs; How to prepare for the recruiting process….”

Ace Your Case® II: Fifteen More Consulting Cases . San Francisco: WetFeet, Inc., 2004. From the back cover: “The case interview: analytical, quantitative, creative, challenging…but isn’t that what consulting is really about? …Provides 15 more case questions that you can use to practice and sharpen your case-cracking skills. [Includes] An introduction to the case interview—its role in the process for consulting firms; An explanation of the most common case question types, from market-sizing questions to resume questions; Tips for handing each kind of question; Insight into consulting recruiters’ interview objectives…; Practice questions you can complete on your own; Detailed examples of good and bad answers for each practice question, along with tips for improving your own answers and recovering from mistakes.” See also: Ace Your Case I.