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Directory of Teacher Education Programs

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Private / Independent Schools




Cal/West Educators Placement
Specializes in the placement of teachers and administrators in schools throughout California and neighboring states.

International Boys' Schools Coalition
A directory of member schools.

National Association of Independent Schools (NAIS)

National Coalition of Girls' Schools
A directory of member schools.

Peterson's Guide: Independent Schools

The Association of Boarding Schools
Includes a directory of member schools.

Job Listings

SchoolSpring, Inc.
Apply online for educational jobs, primarily in the Northeast.

Public Schools


U.S. Department of Education
The Administration's priorities include national efforts to improve reading and math, reduce class size, strengthen school construction, and promote major new 2000 initiatives and the Partnership for Family Involvement in Education.

Job Listings

Education Jobs Page
Search for jobs by location, position type, salary, keyword, and more. 

National Council of Teachers of English
Features job listings and a host of resources for teachers of English at all levels.

The Regional Education Applicant Placement Program (REAP) captures information about job candidates and places them in a searchable database. Free for all applicants.

SchoolSpring, Inc.
Apply online for educational jobs, primarily in the Northeast.

Southern Teachers
The oldest independent teacher placement service in the U.S., serving independent schools in the South.

Teach For America
A program that matches recent college graduates of all academic majors with under-resourced urban and rural public schools.


Secondary Schools

Masters in Education
Provides information about teaching in a variety of subjects, the educational climate in each state, interviews with teachers who have completed a master’s-level education, and a comprehensive list of schools offering master’s programs in education across the country. We also specify endorsement areas, duration of program, and tuition costs.


Teaching English as a Second Language (ESL)

Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults (CELTA)
The first approved Royal Society of Arts/University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate (RSA/UCLES) centre in North America.

Footprints Recruiting is one of the largest ESL teacher placement agencies in the world. Positions available in the public schools of South Korea, and in private language schools in China, South Korea, Taiwan, and Vietnam.

The Job Center at Dave's ESL Cafe
A listing of job boards relevant to ESL.

Teach Away
Teach Away, North America's leading teacher placement organization, offers a wide variety of international jobs at Ministries of Education and Top Private Schools around the globe. Each year, hundreds of graduates explore the world and experience a new culture through Teach Away's international teaching programs.

The TEFL Professional Network
Search for jobs and post your resume here for educational employers.

Higher Ed

A collection of Internet resources that have been gathered for the academic job hunter including links to faculty, staff, and administrative announcements and is not restricted to teaching positions.

Chronicle of Higher Education
Thousands of teaching and educational administration positions listed, updated weekly.

"...one of the largest job databases focused exclusively on college and university positions."



The best place to start for a good overview of the field and of generally needed qualifications from the largest ESL/EFL teacher's professional association. 

Tips for Teaching Abroad
Article on "Teaching Abroad in American and International Schools" by Jim Ambrose

Transitions Abroad
A portal for work abroad, study abroad, overseas cultural travel and living including job and internships links.

U.S. Office of Overseas Schools
Information on carrying out the programs and interests of the U.S. government abroad by promoting primary and secondary educational opportunities.

Job Listings

The International Educator
A quarterly publication that lists jobs at international schools.

Search Associates
An educational placement firm specializing in the placement of teachers, administrators and interns with international schools throughout the world.

The Department of Defense Education Activity
Lists teaching jobs available on U.S. military bases around the world. 

O-Hayo Sensei
The Newsletter of Teaching Jobs in Japan (available via email)

Following training and certification in their host-country, LanguageCorps Teachers are placed into paid EFL teaching assignments with select Partner Schools, including public and private secondary schools, universities, and corporations.

International Schools Service

Industry-Specific Internship Links





Directory of Teacher Education Programs






Education (EDU)

Careers for Kids at Heart & Others Who Adore Children. Eberts, Marjorie and Margaret Gisler. Lincolnwood, Illinois: VGM Career Horizons, 1994. From the back cover: "Put your youthful enthusiasm to good use in a job you can feel good about. Ride the new social trend by joining a child care center, where your skills can be put to good use in a rapidly growing field. Or find the flexibility you need by providing child care in your home or as a self-employed sitter. See the world and join a new family group by becoming a nanny. Help young minds grow as a teacher. Develop a sense of fun and team spirit in sports and recreation. Nurture and care for the young in the booming health care field. Stand up for children's rights and welfare through the ever-important social services. Experience the magic of bringing art and music to a new, young audience."

Careers in Education. Edelfelt, Roy A. and Alan J. Reiman. Chicago: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., 2004. From the back cover: "[This book] offers a comprehensive and realistic look at all sides of the job-the demands and rewards-and lays out the surprisingly varied options available in the field today. Whether your interest lies in teaching, administration, or policy making, this updated edition will help you: Develop a comprehensive understanding of the educational profession throughout history; Match your skills and personality to the specialty that's right for you...; Enhance your concept of what teaching really is through a variety of firsthand accounts; Choose the right degree and/or certificate program and determine how to finance your education; Familiarize yourself with current salaries, benefits, and the best job prospects."

Designing Magazines: Inside Periodical Design, Redesign, and Branding. Rothstein, Jandos, ed. New York: Allworth Press, 2007. From the back cover: "[This book]" is for anyone who has ever dreamed of designing his or her own magazine or who wants to restructure and rebrand an existing one. Designers and editors will get the inside scoop on how magazines operate internally and politically-essential knowledge for anyone in the industry. In a series of interviews and essays, thirty-five experienced editors, in-house designers, and consultants...present their views and insights on the goals and process of magazine design. Chapters focus on specific problems editorial designers face, such as: In-house versus external redesign; Setting and working with a budget; The effects of relocation on the staff and content; Maintaining a fresh look without sacrificing identity; Creating design specifics such as the grid, typography, and ad placement; The affect of design on readers; deciding how much to alter the magazine's image; Evaluating readership; Setting goals and objectives for a design; Meeting the needs of everyone on staff; Ethical considerations of magazine design; The future of the field." Index.

Education Week: The Last Word.Gates, Henry Louis, Jr., ed. John Wiley & Sons, Inc.: San Francisco, 2007. A collection of essays on today's issues around education. From the table of contents (4-7 essays under each heading): "The Art of Teaching; Equity and Social Justice; Testing Well, Testing Family; Curriculum in the Classroom; Technology and Learning; Democracy and Virtue; Change and Reform; Charters and Choice; Inspiring Leadership." Index.

Starting Your Career in Broadcasting: Working On and Off the Air on Radio and Television. Schneider, Chris. New York: Allworth Press, 2007. From the back cover: "For anyone who wants to work in TV or radio, here is the bible to starting and building a successful career. In this informative and inspiring guide, today's top broadcasting personalities share how they broke into the business, the often-hilarious mistakes they made along the way, and how they grew personally and professionally. Veteran broadcaster Chris Schneider interviews Bob Costas, Danny Bonaduce, Chris Berman, Larry King, Jim Lampley, Bob Kingsley, Rene Syler, Troy Aikman, E.D. Hill, station managers, top university and broadcasting school instructors, and others who offer expert advice on making the right choices throughout a career. Chapters explore: Specific on-air and behind-the-scenes jobs; Academic programs in broadcasting; How to capitalize on a 'big break;' What news and program directors seek in job candidates; How an aspiring broadcaster can buy time on the air; Weathering the ups and downs of a competitive industry; How professionals of all kinds can host their own talk shows." Index.

What Does It Mean to Be Well Educated? And more essays on standards, grading, and other follies. Kohn, Alfie. Boston: Beacon Press, 2004. From the back cover: "In this new collection of essays, Kohn takes on some of the most important topics in education of recent years. His central focus is on the real goals of schooling-a topic, he argues, that we systematically ignore while lavishing attention on misguided models of learning and motivation. From the title essay's challenge to conventional definitions of a good education to essays on testing and grading that tally the severe educational costs of overemphasizing a narrow conception of achievement, Kohn boldly builds on his earlier work and writes for a wide audience. He explores topics ranging from the destructiveness of praise to the inadequacy of American high schools, shows how traditional educational practices can spoil the value of newer and better approaches, and offers a provocative reflection on what 9/11 and its aftermath can mean for schools." Index.

Your First Year As a High School Teacher: Making the Transition from Total Novice to Successful Professional. Rominger, Lynne, Suzanne Packard Laughrea, and Natalie Elkin. New York: Three Rivers Press, 2001. From the back cover: "Teaching high school is the toughest job you'll ever love. Of course, often it is an acquired love. You must learn to manage your students' education and play parent, counselor, police officer, and mentor.... Full of real-world advice and answers for the complex issues facing today's high school teachers, this down-to-earth and witty book will teach you how to create an atmosphere of cooperation, learning, and respect within your classroom.... Create an attention-grabbing and interactive teaching environment; Manage difficult students and unique teenager problems; Communicate, educate, and have fun with your students; Balance the demands of old-school administrators and pushy parents; Fairly assess, grade, and evaluate students; Develop effective and engrossing lesson plans."