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General Information sites

Association for Computer Machinery (Computers & Technology)
Educational and scientific computing society with over 80,000 members.

American Institute of Physics Career Services (Science & Technology)
For scientists or engineers seeking employment.

Leading IT employment Web site with over 4,000 companies offering jobs.

Computerwork.com - free site featuring job listings in technology.

Job search web site for computer professionals, with thousands of high tech permanent, contract, and consulting jobs nationwide.

HTML Writers Guild
The guild is a large membership organization. Its site has Web and HTML news, e-mail lists (including one for beginners), and many links to resources such as publications, online HTML reference works, and the business of being an HTML professional. The organization offers online classes for under $100.

IEEE Professional Communication Society
This technical-communication society is a division of the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers. The Web site has a bulletin board, newsletters, membership, and conference information.

Society for Technical Communication
Includes information on membership and publications, links to chapter sites, job postings, and an annual salary survey broken down by ZIP code.

Hundreds of new technical jobs posted every day.


Geographic Information System

GeoWeb Interactive
The online job board developed by GeoWeb Services, Inc., is one of the best web sites for resume/job postings on the Internet. The goal of the site is to provide the best possible internet resource for serving the needs of all companies and professionals. GeoWeb's job site receives thousands of visits everyday. We have more than 6,000 clients, ranging from small start-ups to Fortune 500 companies.

GeoSearch, Inc.
Recruiters in Geographic Information Systems (GIS), Global Positioning Systems (GPS), Photogrammetry, Remote Sensing, Image Processing, Computer Science and Related Technologies and Sciences.

Classifieds, resumes, mailing list, advertising, survey, resources in the GIS field.

GIS Jobs Clearinghouse
The most visited GIS/RS jobs site on the Internet. Started in 1992, the GJC has helped thousands of GIS/RS professionals find positions. With hundreds of positions and resumes in our databases, the GJC has resources for both employers and those seeking jobs.

Directions Magazine
New GIS Online Magazine - an online source for mapping news, products and services.


Multimedia Gaming

Entertainment Software Association

Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences



Provides free online courses for Internet applications.

Industry-Specific Internship Links

Apple Computer, Inc.





Science / Technology (SCIT)


Natural Sciences, Technology, and mathematics

101 Careers in Mathematics (2d ed.) . Sterrett, Andrew, ed. Washington, D.C.: The Mathematical Association of America, 2002. From the back cover: “Contains updates on the career paths of individuals profiled in the first edition, along with many new profiles. The authors of the essays in this volume describe a wide variety of careers for which a background in the mathematical sciences in useful. Each of the jobs presented shows real people in real jobs. Their individual histories demonstrate how the study of mathematics was useful in landing good-paying jobs in predictable places such as IBM, AT&T, and American Airlines, and in surprising places such as FedEx Corporation, L.L. Bean, and Perdue Farms, Inc. You will also learn about job opportunities in the Federal Government as well as exciting careers in the arts, sculpture, music, and television. There are really no limits to what you can do if you are well prepared in mathematics…. Students should not overlook the articles in the Appendix that are reprinted from the MAA’s student magazine, Math Horizons. These articles provide valuable advice on looking for a job and on the expectations of the industry.”

Alternative Careers in Science: Leaving the Ivory Tower . Robbins-Roth, Cynthia. San Diego: Academic Press, 1993. From the back cover: “In [this book] you will meet scientists who evolved into Wall Street analysts, science policy gurus, patent agents, journalists, consultants…. Each chapter covers a different career track and includes: Basic job description, qualifications, responsibilities, and expectations; Typical day scenario; Why a graduate degree in science gives you an edge; Outlines skills important to career track – creative, critical, computer, interpersonal; Training phases and requirements; Existing steps in the promotion ladder and salary ranges; Career opportunities stemming from each position.”

Great Jobs for Biology Majors . Camenson, Blythe. Chicago: VGM Career Horizons, 1999.
Great Jobs for Chemistry Majors. Rowh, Mark. Chicago: VGM Career Horizons, 1999.
From the back cover: “Get on the right path now for a satisfying and rewarding career by learning to match your skills and interests with exciting employment opportunities. The range of options will surprise you, and the choices are yours: Assess your strengths and interests; Choose the ideal location; Establish your standard of living; Explore unusual career paths; Identify the best employers; Set a strategy for getting the job you want!”

Landing Your First Job: A Guide for Physics Students . Rigden, John S. College Park, MD: American Institute of Physics, 2002. Selections from the Table of Contents: “Steps to a Job. To Freshmen, Sophomores, and 1st-Year Grad Students: Laying the Foundation—Advanced Preparation for a Job Search; Remove One Burden and Relax…a Bit; Networking I; Plan Now to Set Yourself Apart; Action Points I. The First-Time Job Seeker—Self Assessment; Skills; Work-related Values Test; Intellectual and Professional Assets for the Workplace. Resources for the Job Hunter—Employment Data; Physics-Related Professional Societies Employment Support. The Search—Getting Started; Researching Your Potential Employer. Cover Letters—Format; Tips On Writing; Samples. The Resume and the Curriculum Vitae—Format; Writing Tips; Curriculum Vitae; Action Verbs; Samples. The Interview. Negotiating Compensation—Starting Salary; Salary Increases; The Five Keys to Salary Negotiation; Benefits. After an Offer is Accepted.”

Opportunities in Clinical Laboratory Science Careers . Karni, Karen. Chicago: VGM Career Books, 2002. From the back cover: “In [this book], you’ll find: Descriptions of the personal attributes, skills, and qualifications necessary to excel as a clinical laboratory scientist; Tips on applying to and obtaining financial aid from schools, colleges, and universities; Helpful contact information for agencies and organizations related to the field; Information about on-the-job activities of clinical laboratory scientists in a range of workplace environments, including the armed forces and overseas.” Bibliography and appendix.

Peterson’s Job Opportunities: Engineering and Computer Science . Canada: Peterson’s, 2000. From the back cover: “Tap into top full-time, part-time, and temporary jobs with major U.S. companies and selected government agencies. Get vital contact information, overviews, company URLs, helpful indexes, and much more, including: Job search strategies; Interview questions; Resume and cover letter advice; Articles by industry leaders; Trends in engineering and computer science; Last-minute tips and checklists. It’s the essential job search tool for anyone switching jobs or finding a first in the fields of engineering & computer sciences.”

Top 100 Computer and Technical Careers: Your Complete Guidebook to Major Jobs in Many Fields at All Training Levels. Farr, Michael. Indianapolis: JIST Works, 2007. From the back cover: “This book describes top computer and technical jobs—including some that you may not have considered. Whether you’re exploring career or education options, looking for a job, or advancing in your career, you’ll find useful information on top computer and technical careers in this one time-saving book. Get everything you need to learn about and land a technical job; Easily match yourself with the right career; Obtain authoritative details on top computer and technical jobs; slash job search time in half with the Quick Job Search.” Directory of jobs with sections: Significant Points, Nature of the Work, Working Conditions, Training, Other Qualifications and Advancement, Employment, Job Outlook, Earnings, and Related Occupations. Includes worksheets, current trends section, and index.

The WetFeet Insider Guide to Careers in Biotech & Pharmaceuticals . San Francisco: Wet Feet, Inc., 2004. From the table of contents: “The Industry at a Glance. The Industry—Overview, The bottom line, Industry Breakdown; Industry Position; Industry Trends; Industry-Speak; The Drug Development Cycle: A Case Study. The Companies. On the Job—Science Jobs; Engineering Jobs; Sales Jobs; Other Specialties; Real People Profiles. The Workplace—Lifestyle; Culture; Diversity; Hours; Travel; Vacations; Compensation; Insider Scoop. Getting Hired—The Recruiting Process; Interviewing Tips; Getting Grilled; Grilling Your Interviewer. For Your Reference—Books, Online Resources.”

Social science

Career Paths in Psychology: Where Your Degree Can Take You . Sternberg, Robert J., ed. Washington, D.C.: American Psychological Association, 2007. From the back cover: “…A guide for anyone contemplating a career in psychology: students, recent graduates, career-changers, or psychologists seeking new challenges. In this book, psychologists who have achieved great success in a variety of areas discuss their work: what got them into it, what they like and don’t like about it, and what a typical work week is like in their chosen specialty…. Among the careers discussed in these pages are the following: School psychology; Consulting psychology; Industrial/organizational psychology; Counseling psychology; Clinical psychology in hospitals; Military psychology; Public service; Psychology in academic careers; Health psychology; Psychology in managed care... additional chapters on careers in medical schools, administration, child psychology, neuropsychology, and the government.”

Majoring in Psych? Career Options for Psychology Undergraduates . Morgan, Betsy L. and Ann J. Korschgen. Boston: Pearson, 2006. From the back cover: “So you’ve decided to major in psychology—or maybe you haven’t decided yet. Spending some time and energy now thinking about what you want to de early in your college career can have enormous payoffs once you graduate. This guide will help you lay out some of the questions and answers involved in planning a career with a psychology degree. While this book was designed with psychology majors in mind, almost all of it is applicable to other social science majors as well. It’s meant for the majority of you who will NOT go to graduate school and who will define the answer to the question, ‘What can you do with a psychology degree?’”