Housing Resources

Congratulations! ... you landed the job/internship. However, it is often the case that finding an internship for the summer or getting a job in a new city is only half the battle. You need to work out housing, travel and many other logistics, all on a budget.

To help you navigate the housing challenge, we've compiled the following guides for housing resources in three cities: New York, Boston and Washington, D.C.
Also remember that alumni can be a great source of leads about housing options in different cities. Check the Alumni Office website for a list of alumni chapters in many cities in the U.S. and internationally. It's a very helpful resource.

One other option for housing is ApartmentList.com. With over 1.8 million listings nationwide, it is a wonderful free resource for students to use to help them find housing.  The website pulls from over 100 different listing sources, so it's more of a one stop shop for apartments.

Boston Housing

University Housing

Lesley University (Cambridge)

$280/wk – air conditioning extra (double)

Suffolk University (Beacon Hill)

$349-$385/wk – incl. breakfast, cable. meal plan is extra(2-6 person apartments)

MIT Fraternities (Cambridge)

$300-$450/wk – some include meals

Apartment Listings

ApartmentList Boston

Craigslist Boston

Jumpshell.com ("peer-to-peer housing")

Off Campus Cribs

Boston Neighborhood Guide for Summer Interns (Units available for rent through New England Premiere)

If you’re still looking for more options or you’re not sure which one to pick, try contacting alums on MiddNet.

New York Housing

University Housing

NYU Summer Housing (Greenwich Village)

avg $320/wk +$105 for basic meal plan (single)

Columbia University Summer Housing (Morningside Heights)

avg $335/wk (single)

New School University’s Summer Intern Housing Program (Greenwich Village/Financial District)

Polytechnic University Summer Housing (Brooklyn)

$315/$455/wk (single)

Student Housing

International House (Morningside Heights)

$200-$330/wk (single)

Educational Housing Services (8 locations in NYC)

Depends on location

NYC Intern (Midtown)

$310/wk (shared apartment)

The 92nd St. Y (Upper East)

$325/wk (double) $400/wk (single)

The Webster (Women Only – Midtown)

$270/wk (single, including 2 meals/day)

Apartment Listings

ApartmentList New York


Jumpshell.com  ("peer-to-peer housing")

Naked Apartments


Washington DC Housing

University Housing

American University (Spring Valley)

$277/wk – meal plan is optional and extra (double)

Catholic University (University Heights)

$189/wk (double) $210/wk (single) - meal plan is extra

Georgetown University (Georgetown)

Info available in early April.

The George Washington University (Foggy Bottom)

avg $255/wk (between $207 and $305) (singles-triples)

Howard University (Bloomingdale)

$210/wk (single-double)

George Mason University (Fairfax, Virginia)

$203/wk (quad apartments)

Student Housing

International Student House (Dupont Circle)

$250-$375/wk – includes 13 meals/wk (singles-quads)

Washington Intern Student Housing (Capitol Hill and Woodley Park)

$265-$390/wk (single-quad)

Thompson-Markwand Hall (Capitol Hill)

$231/wk – includes 14 meals/wk (singles – women only)

Apartment Listings

ApartmentList Washington D.C.


Jumpshell.com  ("peer-to-peer housing")

Apartments.com DC


Urban Igloo