Invitation Letters for International Guest Travel

INTERNATIONAL STUDENTS: Please plan ahead for inviting your international family members and friends to Commencement!

Some of your invited guests may need to apply for a tourist visa to come to the U.S.  To apply for a tourist visa, individuals typically need an OFFICIAL letter of invitation.  The visa application process can take several months or more depending on the country, so you should encourage your guests to learn about the process at the U.S. Embassy/Consulate in their country to determine the steps in the process and the timing of their application/visa interview.  In most cases, your guests will need to present the letter of invitation either at the application or interview stage.

You may submit your requests for letters of invitation to International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) online. Please note: it takes a few days to prepare a letter after the form is submitted.

You may opt to:

  • pick up the letter in-person,
  • have ISSS send it directly to your guest/s, or
  • have ISSS send to your mailbox so that you may mail it to your guest/s.

In some countries, it can be particularly difficult to obtain a U.S. visitor visa, even with a letter of invitation.  If your family member anticipates having difficulty obtaining a U.S. visitor visa to attend Commencement, please contact ISSS before their visa appointment so that ISSS can help to provide additional support during the process.

For questions about any part of this process, please contact ISSS at