Welcome to Parton

Parton Center promotes student well being. Our excellent medical, counseling, and sports medicine staff are here to help students if physical, emotional, or interpersonal issues become a problem. In addition, we have a wealth of health and wellness resources to support students as they navigate a demanding academic and social schedule.
Alert:  Prevention Advice
Middlebury Area at Moderate Risk for EEE Activity

Insects such as mosquitos and ticks can transmit illness.  The Vermont Department of Health recently identified the greater Middlebury area as a region at moderate risk for the transmission of Easter Equine Encephalitis (EEE), which is transmitted by mosquitos.  While illness from EEE in humans is rare, it can be severe; therefore, personal protection measures are advised.  Deer ticks in Vermont can transmit Lyme disease.  Learn how to protect yourself from insect bites, including mosquitos and ticks by clicking here.

Welcome Summer Students!

The professional staff at Parton Center for Health and Wellness are available to assist with the health and counseling needs of students enrolled in one of Middlebury's Vermont Campus Summer programs. We also provide limited health services (though not counseling) to our summer faculty and staff.  

For details and information regarding our services during the summer, please visit us at: http://www.middlebury.edu/studentlife/services/health/summer

Self Care & Stress Relief Resources