After Receiving Intensive Inpatient or Outpatient Treatment: What Next?

There are several steps that improve success when returning to campus after intensive inpatient or outpatient treatment for an eating disorder:

  1. Review the Eating Disorders homepage for an overview of services Parton can and cannot provide. Be aware that treatment resources in the Middlebury area, both on and off campus, are limited.
  2. Have your treatment team complete the Middlebury College Medical Readmission Form, and forward to Parton. This provides a mechanism for your treatment team to inform Parton staff as to their ongoing recommendations for you.
  3. Sign a release of information so your treatment team and Parton staff can speak with one another about your medical and therapeutic needs.
  4. Contact Parton Counseling prior to returning to campus in order to set up an appointment with a staff counselor, or to obtain names of therapists in the Middlebury area.
  5. If you will need ongoing support from a psychiatrist in Middlebury, contact Parton Counseling to begin that referral process.
  6. When appropriate and helpful, maintain regular contact with your original treatment team. They may have insights based on their work with you regarding ways to effectively navigate typical ED triggers or issues.