Personal Health Insurance:

In order to be certain that students will be assisted in meeting the unexpected and sometimes heavy expense of an illness or accident, Middlebury College requests all students to have personal health insurance. If you do not already have health insurance that will provide coverage while at Middlebury, you should obtain coverage prior to arrival on campus. International students, in particular, should ascertain that their health insurance is valid in the U.S.

Accident Insurance:

Middlebury College provides supplementary accident insurance for students while they are enrolled in the summer session. The coverage is minimal and will pay for the expense of treating injuries up to a maximum of $2,000 for any one accident. Covered treatment includes X-rays, laboratory tests, surgery, physician’s visits, nursing care, hospital care and treatment, and prescription drugs. The coverage of expense for dental treatment of injuries to sound natural teeth is limited to $1,000. 

Claims should be reported within 30 days from the date of the accident and applicable medical bills submitted within
90 days to:

Aetna Student Health

PO Box 981106
El Paso, TX 79998
Policy # 474961

You should be aware of the limitations and exclusions of this plan before making a claim for benefits. A claim form is not required; however, an itemized bill, HCFA 1500 or UB92 form should be used to submit expenses.