Sexual Health

Parton health services staff is knowledgeable and sensitive that some students have concerns about sexuality, sexual orientation, contraception, sexual harassment, and sexually transmitted infection (STI). Services include exams for men and women to discuss sexuality and intimacy issues, teaching safer sex practices, STI testing and counseling, contraceptive counseling, emergency contraception, and pregnancy testing.

Parton health services provide FREE condoms. Condoms are located in the front entrance foyer on the main floor in Centeno. 

Women's Health Exam:

Every woman, whether she is sexually active or not, is encouraged to have a woman's health exam. The age recommendation for the first pelvic exam is age 21. An appointment can be made by calling the health center at ext. 5135. Women's health exam appointments are scheduled with a nurse practitioner (NP).

Exams usually take about 45 minutes to 1 hour and include a full physical, a breast exam and teaching of self breast exam, and the pelvic exam (examination of the pelvic organs - vulva, vagina, uterus, and ovaries). A Pap smear to screen for cervical changes is obtained. Sometimes, if indicated, sexually transmitted infection testing can be done. Any questions and concerns about menstrual cycle, anatomy, and contraceptive methods may also be discussed.

Women having menstrual irregularities or abnormal vaginal or urinary symptoms are asked to call and make an appointment with our nurse practitioner or physician.  

Men's Health Exam:

Periodic exams of men's reproductive organs is usually not routinely done. More typically a male student comes to the health center when he perceives an abnormality. Students may be evaluated by a nurse and scheduled with the NP/MD if necessary. If indicated, STI testing and/or analysis of a urine specimen will be performed. Referrals are made when appropriate. Time is also given to address questions, teach testicular self-examination, and to discuss contraception.

STI Testing & Counseling:

Sexually transmitted infection (STIs) can be contracted through intimate contact with someone who is infected. Students concerned about possible exposure to STIs should call the health center at ext. 5135 to talk with a nurse who will answer questions or schedule an appointment with the nurse practitioner or the doctor for further evaluation, testing, and/or treatment as indicated.

Tests and/or exams for chlamydia, gonorrhea, herpes, genital warts (HPV), syphilis, HIV, hepatitis B, hepatitis C, trichomonas, pubic lice, molluscum, and scabies are available.

Parton Health Center provides free condoms - please help yourself - they're located in the front entrance foyer on the main floor

Contraceptive Counseling:

If a student is contemplating being in a sexually active heterosexual relationship or is already in one, contraception needs to be addressed. The Health Center provides counseling to individuals and couples interested in information. Condoms are provided at the health center to students free of charge.

Women interested in the oral contraceptive pill, contraceptive patch, NuvaRing, diaphragm, or Depo Provera should call for an appointment at ext.5135 with a Nurse Practitioner. Referrals are made to outside resources for women interested in the cervical cap, Norplant, or IUD .

Emergency Contraception:

Post coital contraception, also called the Morning-After-Pill (MAP) or Emergency Contraceptive Pills (ECPs) is offered at Parton Health Center. It is available during our regular business hours.  To receive the ECP (Plan B), come to the Health Center or call ext. 5135 to talk with a nurse. The nurse will obtain a history, provide information about the use and side-effects of the ECP, and discuss contraception and transmission of sexually transmitted disease.

The ECP is used to prevent pregnancy. Ideally it should be given as soon after unprotected intercourse as possible and is most effective when given within 72 hours. If a decision is made to take Plan B, the Health Center will charge you $14 at the time of your visit. To learn more about the MAP, please visit this Website:

Pregnancy Testing:

The health center provides urine pregnancy testing at no charge. Students wishing to be tested should come to the health center or call ext. 5135 to speak with a nurse.  Results are immediately available.