Health & Wellness Education

The Health and Wellness Education Office supports students’ physical, mental, social, environmental, spiritual, and academic health and wellness by integrating prevention and health promotion into students’ individual and communal lives. Middlebury’s broad understanding of health and wellness includes acknowledging and celebrating the intersections of our many identities as they contribute to and reflect the wellness of our vibrant community. Through data collection and analysis, educational programming, awareness campaigns, academic lectures, student leadership opportunities, and training we provide support and tools that allow students to explore their own wellness in the context of their Vermont-based and global communities.


Wellness Workshops and Presentations

Not sure how to talk to your team about alcohol use? Looking for a guest speaker on sleep for a class? Trying to host a program in your hall for stress reduction? Email Barbara to request a presentation or program. If you're looking for inspiration, the left-side menu lists some of the topics that Barbara can cover. Special requests are welcomed. Faculty, staff, coaches, residence life staff, student organizations, and any student interested in health and wellness issues may request presentations.

Health and Wellness Educational Counseling

Sometimes talking through a health and wellness issue with someone can make all the difference. Students can access educational counseling on a variety of topics (e.g. navigating a vegetarian diet, pregnancy options, how to take more effective naps, or approaching a friend with a health and wellness concern). Health and Wellness Education can be a great place to start a conversation which might lead to an action plan or even a referral to counseling, health services, or academic support. Please contact Barbara to schedule an appointment. 

Campus-Wide Awareness Events

Health and Wellness Education sponsors campus-wide events which focus on specific wellness issues such as: the Great American Smoke Out, World AIDS Day, Eating Disorders Awareness Week, Safe Spring Break, National Alcohol Screening Day, and Sexually Transmitted Infection Awareness Week. If you are interested in learning more about these events or your office/organization would like to partner on an event, please contact Barbara.

Health and Wellness Literacy and Resource Materials

If you are looking for some print materials to digest later or a great website with information on health and wellness topics, stop in and ask. Health and Wellness Education has a wide variety of pamphlets, brochures, handouts and other health literacy materials on numerous topics. Some web-based resources can be found under topic headings on the left-side menu. Don't see what you're looking for? Contact Barbara and she will do her best to connect you with what you need.