Middlebury Schools Abroad

General Admission Requirements

Qualified undergraduates enrolled at other colleges and universities may apply to any of the Schools Abroad. Students must have achieved an average of B or better in their major and language courses, and an overall average of B- or better.

All students are expected to enroll in a language course the semester prior to going abroad. If students do not have adequate language preparation, they may be required to attend the appropriate summer Language School at Middlebury College prior to enrollment in a School Abroad.

Language Requirements

China Completion of 2nd year Chinese, a fifth semester is preferred
Completion of 2nd year French, plus one content course taught in French
Germany Completion of 3rd year German, including two content courses taught in German*; Junior standing
India No language requirement; university courses are taught in English. 
Italy Completion of 2nd year Italian, plus one content course taught in Italian; Junior standing
Japan Completion of 2nd year Japanese
Latin America (Spanish) Completion of 2nd year Spanish, plus one content course taught in Spanish
Latin America (Portuguese) Completion of 2nd year Portuguese
Middle East Completion of 2nd year Arabic or Hebrew. (Middlebury students who will be meeting this requirement at the summer Arabic School must complete Level 2.5 or higher. For the spring semester, a fifth semester is strongly preferred.)
Russia Completion of 2nd year Russian

Completion of 2nd year Spanish, plus one content course taught in Spanish

United Kingdom

No language requirement

*Applicants who have completed two years of German including four or five courses of college-level German may complete an oral interview to demonstrate their qualifications for the program (This option is not available for Middlebury undergraduates). Applicants to Berlin will take a preparatory intensive language course before classes start.