Application decisions are made by the Academic Committee at Middlebury-CMRS, which consists of the program’s faculty in the UK.

The Academic Committee considers each applicant on the basis of a number of factors, including: academic merit, writing ability, interest in the humanities, and intellectual curiosity. This is assessed by each applicant’s materials, including the admissions statement, GPA, writing sample, full transcript, and two faculty recommendations. The Academic Committee may on occasion ask for additional faculty recommendations, and may request a new piece of written work if the one supplied is considered insufficient.

The minimum GPA requirement for applicants is 3.5.  Exceptions may be made in some special circumstances for applicants with a lower GPA, taking into account the other elements in the process, detailed above.  

Students may apply for one or two semesters. These semesters need not be contiguous, and need not be in the same academic year. We do not accept applications for three or more semesters. Students admitted to the program for one semester may apply for a second semester while in Oxford, although should be aware that this may have immigration/visa implications.

Please reach out to us during the application process if you have any questions about courses.