Pre-Med Track in Viña del Mar

At the Universidad Andrés Bello, students have the opportunity to direct enroll alongside Chilean nursing students and learn about the local public health system firsthand. The university is located in Viña del Mar, just across the bay from the larger city of Valparaíso.

Program students have access to clinical simulations, both with computer-based scenarios and in laboratories, carried out with a cohort of Chilean students. This is a rare opportunity for guaranteed access to clinical experience in the Chilean public health system.

The Pre-Med Track includes the following courses (students will take four (4) of the following options, plus the Middlebury Writing for Linguistic and Cultural Compentence course):

First Semester (Spring)

- Enfermería en la Promoción y la Prevención en Salud
- Salud Pública I
- Enfermería en Ciclo Vital
- Fisiología (audit/non-credit only)
- Bases Teóricas de la Enfermería
- Internship at the Centro de Salud Familiar (CESFAM)*

Second Semester (Fall)

- Salud Pública II
- Fisiopatología (audit/non-credit only)
- Bases de Enfermería en Salud Familiar y Comunitaria
- Bases del Cuidado de Enfermería
- Internship at the Centro de Salud Familiar (CESFAM)*

*Students interested in interning must verify that their home institutions will accept academic credit for an internship.  General internship application procedures and deadlines will apply.