Fall 2012

Zoe Karp (Bowdoin College) Científicos de la Basura

I intern with the organization Científicos de la Basura, a Chilean group that works to investigate the problem of marine waste and inspire action to reduce plastics pollution, particularly through the promotion of consumer awareness of – and responsibility for – their trash habits. This year, the team is organizing the first Chilean National Student Convention of Environmental Waste Pollution. The convention represents a coalition of students, teachers, and scientists who are uniting to exchange experiences regarding the global presence of garbage in the ocean environment with an expected audience of over 800 attendees. Students from over 25 participating schools have been preparing presentations that range from recycled art to proposals for the inclusion of environmental content in school curricula.

I work under Dr. Martin Thiel to help with the international aspect of the convention. I have been in charge of approaching American businesses for sponsorship, writing press notices, as well as coordinating with the American researcher who will be the guest of honor at the convention. During the convention itself, I will act as his assistant and translator. In addition, I work with a local school each week to help a class of 7th-grade students prepare their play for the convention, mainly focusing on designing and making costumes from recycled materials.